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Prevent Cross-Connections

A cross-connection occurs when the water supply comes into direct contact with a contaminant. For example, when you attach your water hose to a pesticide sprayer, a dangerous cross-connection is created. If a drop in water pressure occurs, the hose could act as a link and subsequently siphon the pesticide in the sprayer back into the drinking water supply.

City of Regina bylaws require the installation of backflow prevention devices in new homes and buildings. To enforce the bylaw, the City inspects new and existing commercial, institutional and industrial facilities as well as apartment buildings to ensure that potentially harmful cross-connections are addressed.

Dangerous cross-connections can be prevented by:Leave air gap between your tap and standing water

  • leaving a sufficient gap of at least 2.5 cm between the water supply and a potential contaminated water source
  • never placing the end of a hose in contaminated water, such as a dishpan, a wading pool, fish tank or pail
  Do not leave hose in standing water

Ensure sprayers work properly to avoid cross connections

  • attaching a hose connection vacuum breaker to outdoor taps when using a pesticide sprayer with your garden hose
  • installing a backflow prevention valve/device

Vacuum breakers are available from local plumbing stores and home improvement centres.