Image of the City of Regina

Water Distribution System


Regina has five treated water storage reservoirs located in our community. These reservoirs hold a total of about 160 million litres of water and are used to maintain water supply during times of high demand and during a power failure or other emergencies, or to provide additional water for firefighting.

Pumping stations

Regina has three pumping stations to pressurize and deliver treated water through the water mains to its customers. These stations deliver water continuously even during power failures.

Water mains

There are over 900 kilometres of water mains within the city limits. These mains vary in size from 100 mm to 1,050 mm.

Water meters

Treated water travels through water mains located underground which are connected to the water pipe entering your yard and your home, usually through the basement. All buildings with running water are equipped with a water meter to measure water use. Learn more about water meters.

Bulk water station

We provide residents and surrounding communities with access to a source of bulk water from the bulk water station, located at 550 Winnipeg Street North. The station is able to fill two vehicles simultaneously and has two three-inch connections and one two-inch connection.

To connect to the station, customers need a hose at least six inches long with a two inch or three inch female cam-lock connection. The station accepts credit cards. The rate for bulk water is at $2.57 per cubic metre (1,000 litres) as per the Regina Water & Utility Sewer Bylaw, 8942.