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Hydrant Cart Rental

Hydrant carts are available to rent by contractors who need a temporary water supply where water is not otherwise available. They are rented beginning in spring, once temperatures become seasonal and collected no later than October 1, weather permitting.

Renting rules and regulations:

  • All fire hydrants are operated, maintained and inspected by the Water Operations Branch of the City of Regina.
  • The City reserves the right to refuse any application pursuant to The Regina Water Bylaw No. 8942.
  • A non-refundable fixed rental fee of $151 will apply to the holder of this permit.
  • The applicant shall pay current daily water consumption rates and applicable taxes as per Schedule A of The Regina Water Bylaw No. 8942.
  • The City water supply is chlorinated, therefore, the discharged water must be controlled and treated so as not to be detrimental to the natural environment. Upon the return of the hydrant cart, a final inspection will be conducted for any damage or missing equipment.

A complete list of rules and regulations are included in the Hydrant Cart Use Permit Application Form.


  1. Complete the PDF fillable Hydrant Cart Use Permit Application. Incomplete or handwritten applications forms, except for signature, will not be processed.
  2. Ensure you complete the Water Discharge Plan in Part B of the Application.
  3. With your first Application submission, you must also complete the PDF fillable Application for Credit Terms. Incomplete or handwritten applications will not be accepted or processed . If credit is granted, the Water Operations Branch will supply and install the Hydrant Cart at the location specified in the Application. If applying for additional hydrant carts, only complete Part B in the Hydrant Cart Use Permit Application.
  4. Print and sign the Hydrant Cart Use Permit Application and the Application for Credit Terms.
  5. Scan and submit the completed forms to, fax to 306-777-6814, or drop off at City Hall.

It may take up to 10 business days to process your application. Delivery of the hydrant carts will be scheduled after your application is processed.

For more information, contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000.