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Benefits Of Xeriscaping

Xeriscape means "water conservation through creative landscaping". A xeriscape landscape provides many benefits:

  • reduces outdoor watering requirements during the summer
  • looks better than the common turf landscape
  • provides tremendous colour, variety and beauty, even in winter
  • gives you more time to enjoy your yard because it needs less watering, mowing, fertilizing and weeding

Choose the right Xeriscape plants

Like any successful landscape, xeriscaping requires careful planning and a good design. Since Regina doesn't get a lot of moisture, xeriscaping relies on native plants and plants from similar climates that are drought-tolerant. Learn more about the many perennials, annuals, vines, shrubs and trees commonly used in Regina xeriscaping projects by reading the City of Regina's Xeriscape Handbook.  

Xeriscape Demonstration Site

To promote xeriscape, the City of Regina, in partnership with Dr. A.E. Perry School, created a demonstration site at 93 Lincoln Drive in the late 1990s.

The xeriscape site, located in the front yard of Dr. A. E. Perry School, features about 45 different plants, a false creek with a footbridge, and a "quarry amphitheatre with a teacher's rock" for outdoor classes and lessons.

The site uses mulch and organic matter to retain moisture in the soil. It also groups plants with similar water requirements. For example, dianthus, silver mound and day lilies are grouped together as they're sun-loving and drought tolerant. However, the site's irises, baby's breath and roses grow better with a little moisture, which is why they're situated near the false creek in the site design.