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Installing Water Meters In New Buildings

Water meters are installed in every building to track the use of water for billing purposes.

Once a building permit has been issued by the City of Regina, an account for utility services is created by Utility Billing. The building permit applicant must provide a valid mailing address (not the new building address) for utility bills issued during the time of construction.

Water meters are installed when the basement is built and the water service line has been installed. Prior to water use or occupancy, the building permit applicant is responsible for arranging a water meter installation within a specified timeframe:

Single-Family Residential building – 6 months from the building permit issue date

  • A single-family residential building is a single-metered residential premise with no more than four dwelling units.

Multi-Residential building – 4 months from the building permit issue date

  • A multi-residential building a single-water metered premise with five or more dwelling units.

Commercial building – 4 months from the building permit issue date

  • A commercial building is any premise in which a business, profession, industry, trade or commerce is carried out. Commercial buildings may have a single or multiple water meter(s) installed.


  1. Review the Instructions for Completing the Water Meter Sizing Application to determine your water meter needs.
  2. Complete the PDF fillable Water Meter Sizing Application.
  3. Print and sign the Water Meter Sizing Application. Scan and email to or mail to Water Works Building, 1430 McIntyre Street, PO Box 1790 from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday to Friday.
  4. Once the application has been approved and you require a spacer, one can be picked up at 2425-4th Avenue.

It is the responsibility of the building permit applicant to notify Service Regina when construction is complete and turned over to the occupant. This ensures the building permit applicant/owner is removed from billing.

Temporary Water

If temporary water service is required prior to the activation date, contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000.


The building permit applicant’s billed based on assumed consumption and charged a flat fee if the water meter has not been installed prior to activation date. View current Water Rates in Section B of The Regina Water Bylaw, No. 8942.

To have the water meter installed, call Operational Services at 306-777-6943, ext. 3. This will ensure the customer does not end up with any charges on their utility account.


The builder may apply for an activation date extension if construction is delayed due to unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances.  Contact Service Regina with the street address, building permit issue date, cause of delay and exact duration of the extension. You will be contacted by Utility Billing within two business days.

For more information contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000 or email