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Budget Billing Plan Information

The Budget Billing option creates equalized payments based on the last 12 months of water, sewer, drainage and recycling fees. Any non-service related fees such as application fees or bank service charges will be billed in addition to your regular budget amount as indicated on your bill. You will continue to receive your bill for your records. If you would prefer to receive your bill electronically, apply for Utility eBill.

To apply for the Budget Billing Plan Option, complete the Utility Billing Direct Debit Application Form and select the Budget Billing Checkbox. To be eligible for Budget Billing, you must have one year of billing history and you must be on the Direct Debit Plan. At the time your application is processed, your balance owing will automatically be debited from your bank account. You will receive written confirmation of the start date and the monthly payment amount when your budget amount has been calculated.

Your monthly bill will indicate the difference between the budgeted charges and the actual service amounts charged. This variance is normal, as your actual water usage will fluctuate from month to month. For many customers, the variance is usually higher in the summer months when water usage is high, and lower in the winter months as illustrated below.

Budget Billing Settle Up

Your budget will be recalculated annually according to your budget start date. At that time, your utility bill will reflect an adjustment which is calculated by comparing your actual consumption to the payments you have made in that year. Any credit or debit at this time will be reflected on your settle-up bill and you will be debited the full amount on the date indicated. Your new budget amount will automatically be calculated and will be displayed on the bill.

Note: Your budget amount is a system-calculated amount and cannot be changed. If you notice a substantial variance on your monthly bill and you do not expect it to decrease over time, you may cancel your Budget Billing plan. Upon cancelling, you are responsible to pay the settle-up amount on the next bill. You may not reapply for one year after terminating the plan.

For more information or questions about your Utility account, call Service Regina at 306-777-7000.