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Ice Control

Streets are sanded based on the category priority system. Ice control is applied to spot sections of roads including Intersections, bridge decks and subways, ramps and merging lanes, curves, school frontages and intersections.Web image - Crews maintain

Ice on residential sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner/resident. Sand is available for residents to use on residential sidewalks. Be sure to bring your own containers when you pick up. Find sandbox locations.

Ice control is provided within 72 hours of a snow event or as soon as possible, weather permitting at the following locations adjacent to:

  • City-owned buildings
  • Bridge decks and subways
  • Transit stops on the Heritage bus route
  • No frontage locations on all Category streets
  • Storm channel and railway crossings on Category 1 and 2 streets
  • Vacant land on Category 1 and 2 streets
  • City-owned parks on Category 1, 2, 3, and 4 streets
  • City-owned parks that are next to a public school
  • General Hospital gateway on both sides of 14th Avenue from Broad Street to the alley east of Halifax Street
  • Core Community Park on Quebec Street side