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Web image - Each yearQ: What is the City of Regina’s Winter Maintenance Program?

A: This program consists of snow plowing and removal, ice control, providing a snow storage facility and clearing catch basins during spring runoff. The policy also defines services to make Regina’s roads and sidewalks safer following a snowfall. The policy is reviewed on a continuous basis.

Q: How does the City determine what streets are going to be cleared?

A: Plowing is done using a priority snow clearing system demonstrated by the Priority Snow Clearing Map with the first objective to ensure emergency vehicles can reach a home or business if required. Main streets, bus routes and collector streets receive a higher priority. Residential streets are plowed only in the case of a single snow event with an excess of 25 cm of snow. Residential ice shaving is used to address rutting.

During a major snowstorm, only heavily blocked streets will be opened within 8 hours after the end of the storm to provide access for emergency vehicles. All other streets are plowed in accordance with the Priority Street System Plan.

Q: What does the City do about rutting on streets?

A: To help reduce the effect and existence of severe rutting on residential city streets, ice shaving is performed. The benefit of ice shaving is that removal is not necessary as minimal snow ridges are created from this process.

Q: What is done to control icy streets?

A: Typically, ice control materials (sand, sand/salt, pre-wetting application) are applied intermittently in required spot sections such as intersections, hills and curves. Continuous or uninterrupted application of materials is not standard practice. Category streets are monitored on a regular basis.

Q: What can I do to improve snow clearing?

A: Help crews help you by:

  • Parking in your driveway or garage. Crews can plow the streets quicker when there are no vehicles parked on major streets and roads after a heavy snowfall.
  • Drive carefully near snow removal equipment. Stay back 15 meters and do not pass since flying snow from the plow may reduce visibility and the road ahead has not been cleared of snow.
  • Allow extra time for travel. Slow down for safety and plan you route in advance. If you can’t drive because of the snow, consider taking Regina Transit to your destination.
  • If a snow ridge is left on your driveway and is higher than 30 cm, or you see a snow ridge that is blocking intersection sight-lines or makes driving hazardous, you can report the snow ridge location using the City’s online Contact Us form or by calling 306-777-7000 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.
  • Do your part to help keep sidewalks safe by shovelling snow and ice. Better yet, help a neighbour, family member or friend who may be in need of help clearing sidewalks.   

Q. What is the budget for winter maintenance?

A. The budget for the 2017 calendar year is $9.289 million.

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Q: Is there a reserve?

A: The Winter Maintenance reserve is basically a bank account to accommodate the unpredictable winter weather. Reserves are a requirement and the amount increases in low-demand years and spent in years with more snowfall and a higher demand.

Q: Why don't we have a sidewalk clearing bylaw for residential?

A: A bylaw has been considered in the past, however, we have chosen to encourage residents to keep their sidewalks clear through advertising and promotion. The Winter Maintenance Program is reviewed on a continuous basis.