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Residential Snow Plow

The Residential Plow is complete.

The community is divided into sectors to accomplish plowing more than 500 kilometres of residential roads. Find your sector on the map, then check the schedule below to know when crews will be plowing your neighbourhood.


Questions and Answers

How long does a residential plow take?

With consideration to the amount of snow we have to plow from the 545 kilometres of Category 5 roads, we anticipate the plow will be complete in about two weeks.

Why aren't you plowing residential roads 24 hours per day?

As we are working directly on streets in front of residential homes, we don't want to disturb residents all night with the noise of our snow plow equipment.

Why can’t you plow the whole north end or neighbourhood at once?

The schedule has been prepared with a number of factors such as ensuring it doesn’t interfere with garbage/recycling pick up throughout the community. In addition, we want to work in more than one neighbourhood at a time so residents have more options to get in and out of their areas.

There is snow piled up in front of my house and it is causing a problem for parking.          

Snow ridges, or windrows, will be left behind by the plow equipment. However, by moving your vehicle, the ridge can be more consistent along the parking lane rather than extend into the driving lane. We understand this can be inconvenient, however on-street parking is a courtesy that may not always be available, depending on the amount of snow our community has received.

The snow plow blocked my car in further on the street. Are you going to shovel me out?

Our crews have to plow around vehicles if they are parked on the street. They attempt to minimize the snow ridge but that depends on the amount of snow being plowed and the number of parked vehicles or obstacles the snow must plow around. Crews will not come back to plow after you have moved. 

The snow plow blocked my driveway and I can't get out. What am I supposed to do?

Crews will strive to clear snow from across driveways and intersections during plowing operations, but may leave a small ridge behind simply due to the volume of snow. If the ridge is more than 30 centimetres high, contact Service Regina to request someone to check the snow ridge. Crews will check it once the residential and systematic plows are complete.

Will the City plow my alley?

After a major snow event, crews will plow alleys that receive garbage and recycling pick up and try to provide property owners with access to their alley parking. Because alleys are narrow, they are cleared with a truck with a blade on the front. This equipment leaves a snow ridge that residents will need to clear. As different equipment is used to clear snow from alleys, your streets street and alley may be plowed on different days.

My neighbour dumped all the snow from his driveway onto the street. Will you come plow it?

Snow from resident’s driveways and walkways should be stored on their private yard, not on the streets or sidewalks. Neighbours can call Service Regina and report it to Bylaw Enforcement. Crews will not come back to plow that snow.

Will the City remove the snow from the residential streets?

The Residential Plow clears the driving lanes of residential streets and snow will be stored as windrows, or snow ridges, in the parking lane and it will not be removed.

Will the asphalt be visible after the crews are finished?

No. Crews will plow the snow close to the pavement, but not down to the asphalt to prevent damaging it.

Now that the plow cleared the snow, the intersection is very icy. Can it be sanded?

Yes. Please contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000 and we will add the location to our list to be inspected and sanded.

What is the cost of doing a residential plow?

One single residential plow costs approximately $220,000.

Why did I see a grader driving with his blade/flipper up, not plowing snow?

This is likely because the grader is travelling to/from a sector or has been assigned to work in another location.