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Sidewalk Snow Removal

Regina experiences an average of 116 cm of snow each year which can hinder pedestrian movement along sidewalks and driveways. It’s important to keep sidewalks shovelled to help your neighbours walk safely down the street.

Snow from resident’s driveways and walkways should be stored on their private yard, not on the streets or sidewalks.

  • All properties in Regina’s downtown must clear ice and snow from the sidewalk adjacent to their property within 24 hours of a storm as per the Clean Property Bylaw No. 9881.
  • Businesses, apartments and vacant lots outside of downtown must clear ice and snow from sidewalks adjacent to their property within 48 hours as per Clean Property Bylaw No. 9881.

sandSanding sidewalks

Sand is available for residents who need it to make the sidewalk in front of their house safe. You must bring a container and something to scoop with (i.e.: 4L ice cream pail). In consideration of others, please take only what you need. View Sandbox locations on a map or in the list below:

  • Al Ritchie Arena - 2230 Lindsay Street, by the tennis courts in the parking lot
  • Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre - 2900 13th Avenue, in the alley
  • Glencairn Centre - 2626 Dewdney Avenue, in the back parking lot by the garage with the green roof
  • Jack Hamilton Arena - 1010 McCarthy Boulevard, by the tennis courts
  • mamaweyatitan centre - 3355-6th Avenue, across the field at 7th Ave and Montague
  • Murray Balfour Arena - 70 Massey Road, far corner of the parking lot along Massey
  • Northgate Mall - 7th Avenue North and Lorne Street, behind the Lowes in the south east corner
  • Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre -3130 E Woodhams Drive, across the parking lot down from the big blue bins
  • South Leisure Centre - 222 Sunset Drive, behind Optimist Arena at the joint parking lot

View the Winter Maintenance Policy.