Image of the City of Regina

Snow Routes Pilot Project

Snow routes help improve traffic flow after a storm by declaring a 24-hour parking ban along a designated route to expedite snow clearing. With no vehicles in the parking lane, a more thorough snow plow from curb-to-curb can be achieved. This improves traffic flow along the busiest roadways and helps make winter operations more efficient.

This winter, the City of Regina will test a five kilometre snow route along three primary road sections of Victoria Avenue, Winnipeg Street and College Avenue.

Check the Snow Route map to see if you are impacted.

Other major cities who have adopted this type of program or primary roads during the winter season, typically November through April.

At the end of the pilot project we’ll review if the project was successful, as well as ask neighbourhood residents, business owners and drivers to provide their feedback. If you have questions, contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000.