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Snow Route Questions & Answers

Why are you testing snow routes in Regina?

Snow routes are effective in clearing snow quickly and effectively on our busiest roads to improve traffic flow following a major snowfall. Other cities, like Calgary and Winnipeg, already have programs of this type in place. We will monitor the effectiveness and seek input from local residents, businesses, and drivers before making a decision on their permanent introduction or future expansion.

What is the benefit to snow routes?

They allow us to clear the snow more quickly and effectively to improve winter road conditions and improve traffic flow and safety. They can also reduce costs for snow clearing. If this pilot is successful, the number of snow routes in our community may be increased. Regina is following the lead of most major Canadian cities which have established snow route programs.

Can my street be a Snow Route?

Once the pilot program has been reviewed and, if it proves successful, we will determine which streets in our community are appropriate for the next phase of a snow routes program.

How much is this pilot project and where is the money coming from?

The Snow Routes Pilot program has a budget of $82,000 from the 2017 capital budget.

What do you anticipate the cost savings to be?

Cost efficiency is one of the parameters which will be analyzed after the pilot. Until we have completed the pilot, it’s difficult to determine a dollar amount at this time.

Will these Snow Routes mean my street won’t get cleared?

The City of Regina’s winter maintenance program is not impacted by the snow routes test program.

When will the Snow Route streets be cleared?

The route will be cleared within 24 hours of a snow event which is consistent with the Winter Maintenance Policy.

What if people don’t move their vehicles?

For the program to be successful, there can be no on-street parking once a snow ban is declared. For that reason, we strongly encourages residents and business owners to sign up for email notification as vehicles which remain parked on snow routes during a temporary parking ban will be ticketed. This is in line with other municipalities.

What is the cost of a ticket?

There is a $120 penalty which is in line with similar parking restrictions as per the Traffic Bylaw and with other municipalities.

Will you be clearing sidewalks?

Just like all other areas of the community, residents are asked to clear their sidewalks and the frontage of their home as specified in the Winter Maintenance Policy.

I have accessible parking in front of my home/business.

We are asking neighbourhood residents who have a parking permit through the Saskatchewan Abilities Council's Parking Program for People with Disabilities to call Service Regina at 306-777-7000. We want to speak directly with residents who have placards to find a workable alternative for the resident and snow clearing crews.

Where can residents provide feedback?

We will be asking neighbourhood residents and businesses, and those driving on the snow route to provide feedback at the end of the pilot project.  We anticipate an online survey, email, calls to Service Regina. We will also be following up by letter with neighbourhood residents next spring to ask for their specific feedback.

What do other municipalities do for snow routes?

It varies between each community. Saskatoon is the closest to our pilot, with a 24-hour parking bans issued with a minimum eight hour parking ban notice at either 7 a.m. or 3 p.m.

Parking bans are anywhere between 12 to 72 hours and some have permanent bans in place for specific hours all winter long. In some communities, they only clear major arterials and collectors, and notification times can also be different amongst them.