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Snow Storage Site Q&As

Where is the Snow Storage Site?

At the south west corner of Fleet Street and McDonald Street.

What are the hours of the Snow Storage Site?

The site is typically open November 1 to March 31, 24 hours a day.

Can anyone dump snow here?

Yes, with a valid radio frequency identification device. You can get a device by completing a Snow Site Use Application Form. It may take up to 10 days to process your application. There is a $10 charge to get the RFID tag.

Can I immediately use the site after completing an application?

Please note it may take up to 10 business days to process your application and issue your RFID tags (permit). We strongly recommend all users planning to use the Snow Storage Site submit the application well in advance of winter season to avoid last minute rush or inconvenience. Call 306-777-7000 if you have additional any questions about the application process and use of the site.

Will there be a truck registration or payment facility available at the snow storage site?

There will be no registration or payment facilities at the site. Only trucks with valid RFID tags will be allowed to enter. 

What is the best location to install the RFID tag?

Visit RFID Instructions

What is the significance of different coloured RFID tags?

Different coloured tags signify the truck size/ type. Each colour represents a specific truck type. The following table provides details of the different coloured tags and corresponding truck type:

Truck CategoriesRadio Frequency Identification Device Tag Colour
1 ton pick-up or smaller truck without trailer Blue
1 ton pick-up or smaller truck with trailer Green
Tandem axle truck OR single axle truck bigger than 1 ton (without trailer) Pink
Semi-trailer truck OR tandem axle truck with trailer OR single axle truck bigger than 1 ton with trailer Yellow

Are these tags inter-changeable?

The tags are NOT interchangeable. The tags must be used on the vehicle they were purchased for.

What should I do if the RFID tag gets damaged or if I have to replace my windshield?

In the event the RFID Tag is damaged, the vehicle is replaced or a windshield is replaced, it is the customer's responsibility to purchase and install a new RFID Tag before entering. New tags can be purchased at a cost of $10 per tag. City of Regina is not responsible for any damage to the tags during installation. The RFID tags do not have an expiry date.

Will a replacement RFID tag have the same tag number as before?

No. Every RFID tag has a different number. Newly-purchased tag will be linked to the previous data associated with the same truck on which the new tag is installed.

Can other RFID tags in the truck interfere with the RFID system?

Yes, they could. Please ensure additional RFID tags, other than the appropriate tag placed on the truck’s windshield, are not exposed to the RFID reader. Additional tags should be kept in the glove compartment in an anti-static bag to avoid unnecessary interference with the Snow Storage Site's RFID system.

My truck with a valid RFID tag for the Snow Site is broken down. Can I use a different truck without a tag to dump snow temporarily?

The system does not allow any truck without an RFID tag to enter the site. The RFID tags are not transferrable to different trucks. New tags can be purchased from City Hall to install on different trucks.

How will the City handle unauthorized entry to the Snow Storage Site?

Any vehicle entering the site without a valid permit (RFID tag) will be considered illegal entry. Based on the data received from the surveillance cameras and/or RFID reader, the violators will be prosecuted under the Clean Property Bylaw. To avoid any penalties, please have your vehicles registered with the proper RFID tag before accessing the snow storage site.

How will the trucks with trailers charged?

Trucks with a trailer will move the same way as other trucks on site. Operators who expect to pull trailers must purchase the appropriate RFID tag. Examples: A half-ton truck pulling a trailer should buy a tag that would charge $15 per load. Similarly, a single-axle truck or a tandem axle truck with a trailer should have a tag that would charge $35 per load (same colour tag as a semi-truck). The tag should be placed on the top right side (passenger side) as mentioned above. RFID tags are not required on the trailer.

What is the significance of the left and right arrows on the crew trailer?

The right arrow indicates that your RFID tag is valid and you can enter the site. The left arrow indicates that you do not have an RFID tag or it is invalid and you must exit the site to the left.

To avoid access restrictions, please ensure:
a.    Purchase a proper tag for the specific size of the truck
b.    The RFID tag is properly installed on the vehicle windshield
c.    The tag is not damaged
d.    Your account is in good standing

Why is there a cost to dump snow here?

Fees have been implemented to recover the cost of managing snow brought to the City Snow Storage Site by non-City users (snow hauling contractors, residents, businesses etc.). The user fee will aligns operations of the site with Design Regina: The Official Community Plan.

Can people from outside the city dump snow here?

Yes, any truck with an active RFID tag (valid permit obtained from City Hall) will be allowed to enter the site.

Is there any Bylaw that includes information on fees and illegal dumping of snow?

The City of Regina’s Clean Property Bylaw, No. 9881 deals with the snow storage site fee. Recent amendments to the Bylaw include changes that address the usage of the site with the implementation of the fee effective November 1, 2016. The Bylaw provides details of the fee structure as well as voluntary payments for Notice of Violation.