Image of the City of Regina

Snow Plowing on Regina Streets

When snow falls, our City Crews are ready to maintain 1,099 kilometres of roads in Regina during the winter season. That’s nearly the entire length of Saskatchewan.

Heavy Snow and Blizzard

During a heavy snowfall, our top priority is safety and traffic flow to ensure people can move throughout Regina.

We clear snow according to the City’s plan in the Winter Maintenance Policy, which prioritizes roads based on categories outlined below.

fireFor example, Category 1 and 2 roads are a top priority to ensure emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks can safely travel throughout the city. They’re also a top priority because they are roads with high volumes of traffic and we want to ensure people can move across the city on them.

Once the snowstorm stops, City Crews start plowing other streets in the order listed below.

View the category map.

CategoryPlowedRoad Type
1 Within 24 hours with a minimum 5 cm of snow
2 Within 36 hours with a minimum 5 cm of snow
3 Within 48 hours with a minimum 10 cm of snow
4 Within 60 hours with a minimum 10 cm of snow
5 Plowed after 25 cm of snow from single snow event when weather and time permits.

To report a problem on a street or road, use the City’s online Contact Us form or call 306-777-7000 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. (holidays excepted.)

Stay Informed About Snow Plowing

The City posts updates on snow plowing on Facebook and Twitter during snow storms. Check them out.

How You Can Help

Help crews help you this winter by:

  • Parking in your driveway or garage. Crews can plow the streets quicker when there are not vehicles parked on major streets and roads after a major snowfall.
  • Driving carefully near snow removal equipment. Stay back 15 metres (3.5 car lengths) and do not pass since flying snow from the plow may reduce visibility and the road ahead has not yet been cleared.
  • Leaving extra time for travel. Slow down for safety and plan your route in advance. If you can’t drive because of the snow, consider taking Regina Transit.