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for more information. Graffiti & Crime Prevention Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility ... agencies who work together to assess the housing problem. Graffiti Management Regina’s Graffiti Management Program plans to eradicate graffiti through education, engagement and enforcement. For graffiti management to be effective, graffiti needs to be wiped out quickly whenever it appears ... graffiti from their premises, including buildings, accessory buildings, dwelling units or structures

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flower beds. Clean park signs of dirt and graffiti. Other light duties needed to maintain our

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to tax, and graffiti charges as well as others. A 1.25 percent penalty is applied to those charges

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How Does the City Take Action Against Bylaw Violations? The type of action depends on the bylaw violation. For the most common property violations such as The Community Standards Bylaw (i.e. untidy/unsightly property, graffiti, junked vehicles, overgrown vegetation), the following course of action may be taken: If the violation is on private property, the officer may issue a written or verbal warning with instructions to resolve the problem. The officer may proceed directly to an Order

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maintenance or upkeep. No person shall suffer, cause or permit graffiti to remain on any building or other

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