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Don't get burned

Many children like you are burned each year because of an accident in their homes. You can avoid being burned by following the tips listed below:

Living rooms, bedrooms and garages

  • Avoid playing near a fireplace, space heater radient heater.
  • Do not to touch hot items or items that could become hot around your home.
  • Learn to read the danger symbols on various cleaning products and understand what they mean.
  • Do not use cleaning products unless you have permission from your mom or dad.


  • Do not cook unless you are supervised by your mom, dad or other adult.
  • Do not peek into or lean over pots of boiling liquids.
  • Always use a pot holder if you think a pot or pan is hot.  
  • Do not use metal containers, foil, or utensils in a microwave oven.
  • Allow liquids time to settle before removing from microwave.


  • Test running and bath water to make sure the water isn't too hot.
  • Keep electrical appliances like hairdryers and curling irons dry; don't lay them in wet areas or use them when you are near water.
  • Turn off electrical appliances when you are done using them. 

Regina Fire Department Colouring Book

Download the Regina Fire Department's colouring book  which contains pictures of the safety tips described above. (Note: Large file nearly 1 MB which may take some time to download.)