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Off-Leash FAQ's

Q: Are dogs allowed in parks and open space?
A: Yes, dogs are allowed in all city parks if they are on a leash, wearing a current license and obeying the Regina Animal Bylaws (2009 – 04) including picking up after their pet. The Animal Bylaw No. 2009-44 also apply to the off leash dog park.

Q: How was the current park location chosen?
A: The original park was implemented with the assistance of a volunteer committee in partnership with the City of Regina.  The implementation process for the current park took a number of years and many community meetings to receive community support to move forward. As part of the site selection process, a number of sites were identified, through public consultation the current site was deemed as the best suited area for the of leash dog park.

Q: What maintenance is done on the site?
A: As a result of the public consultations, the park retains its existing natural setting with consideration for wildlife and vegetation.   The park is maintained by the City of Regina.  Currently the maintenance consists of mowing a pattern twice a year, scheduled garbage removal, snow removal to the gate and minor site repairs.   We also look to users to help maintain and look after the space by picking up after themselves and their pets.

Q: Why is the current Park not fenced on all sides?
A: The original committee that worked to develop the park discussed many concerns including fencing.  It was through public consultation that the current fencing was deemed the most suitable.  Fencing was put in place to keep dogs from running onto the road or interacting with users of the multi-use pathway.   The creek is considered to be a boundary.  There have been inquires about fencing the creek.  If fencing was installed it would need to be set back approximately 100 feet from the creek side, in order to avoid any damages to the creek, but this would greatly reduce the dog park area.

Q: Have there been discussion about fencing off the creek during winter months?
A: The dog park is in the flood plain which means that it is an area that is susceptible to flooding.  Using any type of barrier device to close off the creek side during winter months would have negative environmental impacts on the park.  As well, fencing could contribute to ice damning and poor ice flow down the creek during spring thaw. This would also lead to continual damage to the fence making it unstable.

We recommend that during winter months when the creek is frozen that dog owners stay away from the creek or use at their own risk.   They are advised to stay off the ice due to thin ice concerns.   All owners visiting the Off leash Dog Park are to have their dog under complete control by either physical or verbal means at all times, according to the Regina Animal Bylaw (2009-44).

Q: Many other municipalities have multiple dog parks, when is the City of Regina going to develop another dog park in the City?
A: In 2010, the Recreation Facility Plan was adopted by council and one of the recommendations was to develop an Off Leash Dog Park Strategy.  The strategy would address enhancements to the existing park and as well as considerations for locations for futures parks. To begin this process a Stewardship Group was formed to provide advice to the City of Regina on the requests and concerns for the current park through feedback, recommendations and initiatives from residents.  Development of additional parks will be part of the long term strategy.