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Fire safety lesson plans

Fire safety education can be a resource you can use to achieve the learning objectives identified by Saskatchewan Learning.

Consider incorporating fire safety education as an interdisciplinary unit that is completed in conjunction with the following Saskatchewan Learning Curricula for English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Health/Wellness and Practical & Applied Arts:

English Language Arts

Grade 1

  • Safety
  • Home Is Where The Heart Is
  • The Telephone

Grade 2

  • Our Community

Grade 3

  • Safety At Home


Grade 3

  • Fire and Fuels

Grade 9

  • Risks and Limits

Social Studies

  • Unit: Decision-Making


  • Life Transitions 20,30: Career Planning
    • IFSAC Training (Fire Colleges) at Brandon, Manitoba and Vermilion, Alberta

Practical and Applied Arts

  • Safety Modules