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Cool tree facts

Environmental benefits

  • The average tree removes about 4 -5 kg of pollution from the air each year.
  • Trees planted between crop fields and creeks can remove many pollutants before they reach the stream.Cartoon leaf image
  • A large tree can remove more than 400 litres of water from the ground and discharge it into the air in a day.
  • One large tree in a single day can produce the amount of oxygen required by 4 people.
  • Trees can shade your home and cool it by up to 10 degrees Celsius in the summer.

Uses for trees

  • Coffee, rubber, lumber, herbal medicines and soaps all come from trees.
  • Paper comes from trees as well. Each Canadian uses about 1,300 kg of paper products and 2 m2 of lumber a year.  This is the equivalent to a 30 m tall tree that is 45 cm in diameter.
  • Sugar Maple trees are 'tapped' to siphon off sap in the spring to make maple syrup. It takes over 175 litres of Sugar Maple sap to make 4 litres of maple syrup.

Unique trees

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  • Trees are the longest living and largest organisms on earth.
  • The oldest known living inhabitant on earth is a Bristlecone Pine named "Methuselah" in California.  This tree is over 4,760 years old.
  • The tallest living tree is a Redwood in the United States that stands over 111 m tall.
  • The slowest growing tree known is a White Cedar. It grows on a cliff in the Great Lake area of Canada. Although it is 155 years old, it is only 10 cm tall.
  • Every tree now growing in Regina was planted by hand.
  • Arbor Day began over 125 years ago to plant trees on Nebraska's treeless prairie.  Today people everywhere plant trees on Arbor Day.