Image of the City of Regina


Regina residents are very passionate about their trees; nearly every tree growing today in the Queen City was planted by hand.

The City of Regina has developed a vast network of information about trees and the insects that affect them. You can also take your students on a tour through Kiwanis Park to show them the different trees that grow in Regina.

For other online resources you can use in your classroom to teach trees and the positve impact they have on the environment, visit:

  • Species of Tree by region in Canada - The Government of Canada's online atlas showing species of trees by their regions (Look for maps: Tree species by eco region).
  • Tree Canada Foundation - Learn about facts, resources and links to Canadian trees.
  • What Tree Is That? - The National Arbor Day Foundation website which features a tree identification movie animated in Flash. The site also includes environmental education programs for teachers, students and parents. This link also has a good glossary of terms applicable to trees.
  • Simple Act of Planting a Tree - This U.S. based website features 12 PowerPoint presentations that focus on urban and community forestry.
  • Secret Life of Trees - A website entitled the Exploring the Secret Life of Trees which has a fun and informative Flash movie.
  • Parts of a Tree - This U.S. based website provides definitions of each part of a tree