Image of the City of Regina

Purchasing a property

Many websites have information about the steps to follow when purchasing a home or condo, and can be found using your favourite search engine.

Compare taxes and assessments

If you would like to compare the assessments and general property taxes of various Regina properties, enter the addresses using the Property Search feature. You can also use the interactive map on the Property Search page to compare property assessments.

To discuss with your lawyer

When purchasing a home or condo in Regina, your lawyer can contact the City's Assessement Department at 306-777-7000 to determine if any taxes are owing on the property. Tax certificates, which list the exact amount of taxes owing on a property, are also available for a fee. The tax certificate also confirms the property's tax account status and if there are any pending local improvements or outstanding appeals against the property.

As well, you will have to complete a form declaring your school support. You can obtain a form from your lawyer, either school board, or online .

Once you are registered as the new property owner with Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan  (formerly called Saskatchewan Land Titles), the City will receive an electronic notification that you are the property's new owner. This updated ownership information will appear on the next property assessment notice.

At this time, you may enroll in the TIPPS program by calling 306-777-7000.