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Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan and the 16th largest city in Canada with a population of 230,725 (Source: Statistics Canada, 2017). Regina is located in the south central area of the province. The city covers an area of 118.4 square kilometers. It is in the middle of the Prairie Provinces with Alberta to the west, and Manitoba to the east. It borders the American states of Montana and North Dakota. Latitude: 50 degrees 26 min north Longitude: 104 degrees 40 min west Elevation: 577 m above sea level.

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Regina is located on Treaty 4 land and within the traditional territory of the Metis.

Indigenous people have lived in this region through many thousands of years. This area was one of the important places where Indigenous people would come to hunt the roaming herds of bison. They began to stack the long bison bones into large piles in an effort to honour the animals’ spirit as the bison herds were becoming depleted due to overhunting by non-Indigenous hunters. Indigenous peoples named the area oskana ka-asastēki, which roughly translates to “bone piles”.  European explorers, fur traders and settlers translated this to Pile of Bones.

European settlement began in the 1880s as an agricultural community and served as a distribution point for farm materials and produce. As the settlement grew and became established, it was renamed Regina (latin for “queen”) after Queen Victoria, who was the British monarch at the time.

Regina became a city in 1903. Two years later, Saskatchewan became a province and chose Regina as its capital. Today, this diverse and vibrant community is one of Canada’s fastest growing major cities.

Discover the name origins for streets and parks in Regina, or find out more about how streets and parks are named today. 


City of Regina Archives

The City of Regina Archives was established in 1985 to preserve the City’s corporate records.
The collection includes over 6,000,000 documents of legal, historical, administrative or financial significance that tell the story of Regina, with more being added all the time. You can use the
Virtual Archives to search for:

  • More than 25,000 early Regina photographs 
  • More than 8,000 sets of architectural drawings 
  • 163 fonds consisting of more than 800 linear metres of records 
  • Timelines of Regina history, including:
    • Biographies of past Mayors
    • History of Taylor Field
    • 150 Stories Oral History Project 

To book an appointment to view documents from the historical collection in-person at City Hall, contact or call 306-777-7000. Fees may apply. For information on property research, reference our Researching Residential Properties Guide


Heritage Walking Tours

Discover Regina’s past by taking our self-guided walking tour through the city’s eight historical districts. Each historical district contain properties that have architectural or historical significance. It’s best to plan one or two hours per day for each tour.

You can also download the Complete Heritage Walking Tour.

Heritage Properties

Regina is home to about 300 heritage properties. The City recognizes the cultural heritage value of buildings and provides services to ensure that the historic places are protected, conserved and contribute to the quality of life in our neighbourhoods. Find out more about Heritage Properties in Regina and the Heritage Conservation Program

If you have questions regarding Regina’s history, our collection or how you can donate historical material to the Archives, contact us at 306-777-7000.