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Heritage Properties & Conservation

The City has taken an active lead in recognizing the cultural heritage value of buildings. Historic places are a source of civic pride tell the story of our community. The City of Regina provides services to ensure that the historic places are protected, conserved and contribute to the quality of life in our neighbourhoods.

Heritage Properties

There are about 300 heritage properties in Regina. This includes both designated heritage properties, and those on the Heritage Holding Bylaw. 

Designated Heritage Property - A designated municipal heritage property has been identified as historically, culturally or architecturally significant and legally protected against demolition or significant change under the Saskatchewan Heritage Property Act. There are currently about 90 designated properties in Regina.

Heritage Holding Bylaw - The Heritage Holding Bylaw is a listing of over 200 properties that have been identified as having potential to become designated heritage properties. 

Properties listed on the Heritage Holding Bylaw are not protected in the same way as a designated heritage property. The Heritage Holding Bylaw is a flagging tool that allows for a 60 day hold period against demolition or major alteration that would result in significant loss of its character-defining elements and the reason for its heritage value. This holding period allows the City to assess the heritage value of the property and consult with the owner on potential designation and alternatives to demolition before City Council decides if the property should become designated as a municipal heritage property. 

Heritage Conservation Program

The Heritage Conservation Program is used to document our story and manage places of heritage value. Design Regina: The Official Community Plan contains policies to encourage heritage property owners to protect historic places through good stewardship and voluntarily designating their property. As an owner of a designated Municipal Heritage Property, you have a responsibility to maintain and conserve the heritage value of the property.

The City has initiated a review of the Heritage Conservation Program with the goal of providing clarity to the purpose of the Heritage Holding Bylaw as a flagging tool and to clarify how historic places are identified to be included on the list. A Thematic Framework model is being developed using five themes that highlight Regina’s diverse cultural, economic and social history. The themes are habitation, economics, governance, society and arts. Future phases of this project will look at how historic places illustrate these themes in order to ensure that the properties listed on our Heritage Holding Bylaw and Heritage Conservation Program reflects Regina’s rich diversity.


Heritage Property Designation

To apply for municipal heritage designation, review the Heritage Property Designation Criteria and complete the Application for Municipal Heritage Designation. The City will evaluate applications based on the historical and architectural value of the property. It can take up to 3 months to complete the review process for the designation of heritage properties.

Owners of a listed property may wish to apply for heritage designation to be eligible for the financial assistance to rehabilitate a designated building through the Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program.


Alterations & Rehabilitation to Heritage Properties

If you are planning exterior renovations, foundation or any work that may change the character-defining elements of your listed property, contact Development Services at to review your plans with you to help ensure that the work retains the heritage value of the property and identify if you should apply for designation.

Alterations to Heritage Property

If your property is protected under the Heritage Designation Bylaw or the Victoria Park Heritage Conservation District Bylaw, you will need a permit to renovate, upgrade, do repairs or major maintenance work that applies to the elements specifically protected under the bylaw.

When conserving your heritage property, you must obtain a building permit and demonstrate in the Heritage Alteration Permit Application that the proposed changes will not affect its heritage value. To help you plan for the exterior alteration, repair, addition or conservation of your heritage property, refer to the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada.

As well, you may qualify for a property tax exemption if you are conserving your heritage property.

Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program

The City of Regina provides one-time financial assistance to rehabilitate designated heritage properties. A tax exemption may be granted to a maximum value equivalent to 50% of eligible work cost, or the total property taxes payable over 10 years; whichever is the lesser. Cash grants are also available for tax-exempt properties based on the same tax exemption formula; however, these grants are limited to a maximum value of $50,000 and subject to the availability of funds.

To apply, complete the Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program Application and Heritage Alteration Permit Application. For more information, please review the Heritage Incentive Policy.

Commemorative Bronze Plaque Program

If you own a municipal heritage property, you can request a commemorative bronze plaque through the Municipal Heritage Property Plaque Program. The City of Regina will write the text, order and install the plaque. You are responsible for maintenance and reporting damage to the City.

Heritage Awards

For over 30 years, the City of Regina has recognized individuals and organizations that have enhanced the quality of life of Regina through demonstrated commitment to built heritage. 

If you wish to nominate a person or organization for a Municipal Heritage Award, read the Municipal Heritage Awards Information Sheet and complete the application form associated with the award category. If you nominate a person or organization, you are responsible for informing them of their nomination. Nomination Deadline: October 31, 2018.

Nomination Form: Categories 1-6

 1. Restoration                              4. New Design - Sensitive Infill
 2. Preservation  5. New Design - Sensitive Addition
 3. Rehabilitation  6. Heritage Open Space

Nomination Form: Categories 7-9 

 7. Education
 8. Keith Knox Heritage Award for Youth
 9. George Bothwell Heritage Award for Public Service

Municipal Heritage Awards are presented by the Mayor at the City Council meeting closest to National Heritage Day, which is the third Monday in February. View the 2017 Heritage Award Winners

For more information about heritage properties and conservation, contact the Development Services Department at 306-777-7000 or .