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JOb 2Firefighters in Regina protect the lives and property of citizens under the 4 phases of an emergency management model: Mitigation; Preparedness; Response; and Recovery.

A firefighter is responsible for inspecting businesses, conducting fire safety education activities, operating fire suppression equipment and performing firefighting, rescue and related duties under emergency conditions, frequently involving hazards.

Recruitment Process

During the recruitment process, Regina Fire & Protective Services advertises current openings on the website, in the local newspaper, and mails available postings to the fire colleges.


To become a firefighter, you first must take training that meets the standards set by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFASC). To learn more about IFSAC Training, contact:

Fire Etc. Vermilion, AB Phone: 1-800-661-6490 Fax: 780-853-2955

Manitoba Emergency Services College Brandon, MB Toll Free: 1-888-253-1488 Fax: 204-726-6847

Parkland College Canora, Esterhazy, Fort Qu'Appelle, Melville, Yorkton, and Kamsack, SK Toll Free: 1-866-783-6766

Firefighter Application Criteria

  • Provide verification of Grade 12 diploma or GED equivalency
  • Provide verification of Fire College Certificate
  • Provide verification of your IFSAC Certification for National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001 Level I and II
  • Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) NOCP 2011 certification and must possess a current practicing license in the Province of Saskatchewan
  • Provide verification of ITLS and CPR certificates
  • Provide verification of a criminal record check (current within 3 months of application)
  • Provide verification of a valid driver’s license with air brake endorsement and a five-year driver’s abstract (current within 3 months of application)
  • Must have 20/30 or better uncorrected vision (Applicants with corrective eye surgery must wait 1 year from date of surgery to be considered)
  • Must have normal colour vision
  • Must have normal hearing test results (No more than 30 decibel hearing loss in either ear average at 500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 Hz)
  • Must be in excellent aerobic and anaerobic physical condition
  • Ability to act quickly and calmly in emergency situations
  • Ability to understand and execute oral and written instructions
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations in a shift work environment

Step 1: Submit application for advertised position

Please visit to complete your profile and to apply.

Applicants must have the formal education and meet the qualifications prior to hire date to apply.

Step 2: Testing

Our hiring process involves a series of tests. As you pass each test, you progress to the next. Those who fail a test are removed from the process but are encouraged to re-apply for future vacancies.

Written Knowledge Exam

You must take an exam containing a random selection of multiple choice questions based on the NFPA 1001 Level II Standard.

Fire Fighter Applicant Fitness Assessment Protocol

Regina Fire & Protective Services uses the York University Fire Fighter Applicant Fitness Assessment Protocol to assess candidates. The fitness assessments are administered by Dr. Paul Schwann Centre staff at the University of Regina. Applicants are required to complete a series of tests including aerobic fitness, vision, colour blindness (Ishihara and Farnsworth testing conducted), hearing, lung function, swimming and 8 validated job-related performance tests.

Aerobic fitness is measured directly using expired air analysis while running on a treadmill. The speed and incline are gradually increased until the candidate reaches maximum intensity. This test is designed to measure endurance or "work capacity". Participation in moderate to high intensity aerobic workouts (30 - 45 minutes per workout, 4 - 5 times per week) including activities such as jogging, cycling, swimming and rowing, can help you prepare for the aerobic fitness assessment.

During the swimming test applicants are required to swim 8 lengths (approx. 200 meters) using any stroke.

The 8 job-related performance tests are designed to simulate the physical demands of a firefighter's job which requires muscular strength, coordination and endurance. To prepare for these tests, you may wish to participate in supervised weight training, stretching and an aerobic exercise program to increase strength, improve flexibility and enhance aerobic fitness and capacity. The performance tests are:

  1. Ladder Climb (Acrophobia)
  2. Search Enclosed Area (Claustrophobia)
  3. Hose/Climb Carry
  4. Rope Pull
  5. Hose Advance/Drag
  6. Ladder Lift
  7. Victim Drag
  8. Forced Entry

Consult your physician and/or a qualified fitness instructor before starting any exercise program.

Step 3: Interview & Reference Checks

Candidates who are successful in the testing phase will be interviewed and reference checks will be completed.