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Apply For Housing Incentive Programs

The City offers a residential tax exemption program for newly-constructed rental housing and ownership housing that meets eligibility requirements, as well as capital grants for newly-constructed rental and ownership housing that meets affordability requirements. You must submit an application in order to qualify.

View the Housing Incentives Policy and the Housing Incentives Policy Map to find out specific policy information.


Minor Amendments to the Housing Incentives Policy

Minor amendments to the Housing Incentives Policy (HIP) were approved by City Council on May 29, 2017.

The amendments focus incentives towards current critical housing needs in Regina and are consistent with the goals of the City’s Comprehensive Housing Strategy and the official community plan.

The minor changes to the HIP will:

  • Ensure priority funding for charitable non-profit organizations by refining the definition of a non-profit corporation
  • Improve funding for affordable rental development by reducing the number of affordable home ownership capital grants to 20
  • Create more certainty for applicants by clarifying how applications received under earlier versions of the policy will be administered
  • Ensure projects address key objectives by increasing the minimum score to 40 for the Capital Grant Application Design and Development Score Card
  • Encourage the development of housing for those with special needs by refining the definition of an Assisted Care Rental Unit
  • Improve opportunities for non-profit organizations by updating the eligibility criteria for two-unit rental developments

A table summarizing the specific revision to the City’s current incentive programs can be found here. If you have any questions or comments, call 306-777-7000 or email

Learn more about affordable homeownership and a list of eligible projects. Find out about eligibility requirements for capital grants.

See the Housing Incentives Policy Map to confirm what program area your development is located.


Education Property Tax Act

Learn about potential implications to City of Regina Housing Incentive Programs.



2018 Application Forms will be available soon.

If you have any questions, call 306-777-7000.