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Parking Zones

Some streets suffer from severe parking pressures due to ‘parking generators’ like schools, recreational facilities/fields, or businesses. Parking zones are created to:

  • Discourage long-term parking in areas with heavy parking demands
  • Discourage parking in areas where motorists park to attend special events
  • Allocate space for priority vehicles
  • Reserve space for those persons with disabilities

You require a special parking permit to park in a zone for persons with disabilities or for an extended period of time on a street with a residential parking zone.

Parking Zone For Persons With Disabilities

The City of Regina can create parking zones along these streets to ensure residents or motorists with disabilities have sufficient on-street parking. 

If you possess a placard for persons with disabilities or receive paratransit bus service, you are eligible for a special parking zone in front of your home. However, you cannot request such a parking zone if you have a front driveway.

This parking zone allows any vehicle with a placard to park in that space for up to 24 hours on a weekday, and anytime during a weekend or statutory holiday.

Apply: Contact the City of Regina Parking Services at 306-777-6374 or Service Regina at 306-777-7000 to provide:

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • The address where the parking zone for persons with disabilities will be located
  • The consent of the property owner whose property abuts the proposed zone (if the property owner is not the applicant)
  • A sketch showing the approximately location where the proposed zone will be located
  • The license plate number of the vehicle with disabled plates or the registration number of the disabled placard

There is no cost to request a parking zone for persons with disabilities. This stall is not for the exclusive use of the applicant. Anyone who has a valid placard can use the spot.

Residential Parking Zones

If you and your neighbours are finding it difficult to park in front of your homes because of non-residents parking on your street while they’re at school, a sports field/complex, or new business, you can apply for a residential parking zone.

Residential parking zones must extend a minimum of 3 city blocks or 12 block faces and are only allowed on collector or local streets. Residential parking zones are only considered for streets when:

  • more than 50% of parked vehicles belong to non-residents
  • two-thirds (66%) of those homeowners petitioned agree to a residential parking zone on the street in front of their house

Apply: Send a letter identifying the exact location for the desired residential parking zone to the City of Regina, Parking Services at PO Box 1790, Regina, SK S4P 3C8.  Parking Services will determine if most vehicles parked in this area are vehicles belonging to non-residents.

If all general conditions are met, you will receive a blank petition, listing the names of property owners in that area. You must contact each person listed in the petition and obtain their signature and whether they want the residential parking zone. Two-thirds of petitioners must agree to the new zone. Return the completed petition to Parking Services, who will notify you in writing whether your request/petition was successful.

Mosaic Stadium Parking Zone

With the move to Mosaic Stadium, changes are being made to the former Taylor Field Area parking zone.

The Stadium Parking Zone will be reviewed each year based on requests from residents for parking permits in the area. In future years, residents have to get their permits by April 30 of a given year to keep their zone. The parking permit is free and allows residents to park on the street during Mosaic Stadium events. Permits are valid from May 1 to April 30.

If no parking permits are issued to residents on a given block, the Stadium Parking Zone will be permanently removed, and parking will be permitted on the block during stadium events.