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The Cemeteries Plot Search contains records of each person buried at either Regina Cemetery or Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery.  It does not contain a listing of persons buried at other cemeteries in Regina.

To help you located a loved one in the database, you must search by surname as maiden names are not included in the database.  As well, you may wish to:

  • enter information into any or all search fields
  • enter all variations of the name. (For example: Ann and Anne; Mc and Mac; Clark and Clarke)
  • try entering the name with - and then without - spaces, hyphens or apostrophes 
  • use the percent sign (%) as a wildcard if you are uncertain of the spelling.  For example, entering john% as a surname will display all names with these first 4 letters (Johns, Johnsen, Johnson, Johnstone)
  • enter all 4 digits in the year field (For example: 1966 instead of 66)

If you cannot find your loved one or the information presented online contains an error, please e-mail the Cemeteries Administration Office.  Staff will investigate any errors and will update records once proper verification is provided. All personal information is handled and maintained in accordance with The Local Authority Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act (LAFOIPP) and The Cemeteries Regulations, 2001.