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Local Parks & Playgrounds

Below are the names and addresses of local parks and playgrounds, grouped by zone. The City of Regina has several playgrounds which are accessible for all children; information on the location and playground amenities can be found here.

South Zone

Park/School NameAddress
Argyle School 2941 Lakeview Avenue
Assiniboine Park 5389 Aerial Crescent
Beacon Park Robinson Street (east of Whitmore Avenue)
Caen Park 3800 Blk McCallum Avenue (behind north lane)
Cameron Park Robinson Street & 29 Avenue
Canuck Park 4990 Tutor Way
Daffodil Park Dufferin Road & Daffodil Crescent
Dr. A. E. Perry Park 93 Lincoln Drive
Elsie Dorsey Park 4201 Castle Road
Ethel Milliken School 4510 Queen Street
Gordon Park (Pesticide Free) 3509 Gordon Road
Havilland Park 5401 Tutor Way
Hudson Park Parliament Avenue (west of Argyle Street)
Jim Cairns Park 4712 Glass Street
Kinsmen Park 3310 Lakeview Avenue (west of King's Road)
Lakeview Park McCallum Avenue & Athol Street
McKenna Park 5033 Padwick Road
McVeety Park Jubilee Avenue & Motherwell Crescent
Massey Pool Park 100 Massey Road
Massey School & Park 131 Massey Road 
New Albert Park McTavish Street (west of Hanna Bay)
Norseman Park 5001 Fairchild Road
Peart Park Ottawa Street & St. Chads Crescent
Plainsview Park Plainsview Drive (east of Marquis Crescent)
Procter Park Procter Place
Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Park McAra & 18 Avenue
Realtors Park Playground Sunset Drive & Montague Street
Shannon Park Shannon Road & Chisholm Road
Tutor Park 4975 Tutor Way

Central Zone

Park/School NameAddress
Arcola School 2315 Abbott Road
Central Park 2231 Scarth Street
Connaught School Argyle Street & 13 Avenue
Core Community Park Montreal Street & 11 Avenue
Davin School College Avenue & Retallack Street
Dewdney Pool Park West side of 1400 Block Athol Street
Eastview Park Broder Street & 4 Avenue
Gocki Park Lindsay Street & 15 Avenue
Grassick Playground Cameron Street & 3 Avenue
Greenburg Park West side of 1900 Block Broder Street
Herchmer School Pricess Street & 5th Avenue
Kinsmen Park North Pasqua Street & 2 Avenue
Kitchener School Montague Street & 2 Avenue
Kiwanis Park Extension (Wascana Creek) West of 2524 Garnet Street
Kiwanis Waterfall Park Elphinstone Street & Montague Street
Holy Rosary School & Park Garnet Street & 14 Avenue
Leslie Park Victoria Avenue & Princess Street
Les Sherman Park McTavish Street (south of 15 Avenue)
Lucy Eley Park Retallack Street (north of Victoria Avenue)
Maple Leaf Park 1120 14th Avenue
Old #1 Firehall 11 Avenue & Osler Street
Pasqua/7th Avenue Park Pasqua Street & 7th Avenue
Patty Cake Play Park Robinson Street & 9th Avenue
Parkdale Park McTavish Street & 4th Avenue
Queen Elizabeth II Court (Pesticide Free) 2476 Victoria Avenue
Thomson School Victoria Avenue & Montreal Street
Victoria Park Victoria Avenue & Scarth Street

East Zone

Park/School NameAddress
Arbor Grove Park Arbor Grove Drive & Arbor Grove Drive
Clermont Park Clermont Crescent & Cannon Street
Coleman Park Fines Drive (between Coleman & Denny Crescent)
Crescent Park Dixon Crescent (west of 31 Dixon Crescent)
Dominion Park 2735 Lacon Street
Dr. George Ferguson School 117 Brotherton Avenue
Eastgate Park Eastgate Drive & Prince of Wales Drive
Gardiner Park University Park Drive & Elderkin Drive
Glen Elm School Regent Street & 9 Avenue
Glencairn Rec. Centre 2626 Dewdney Avenue East
Howell Park  7 Avenue East & James Crescent
Jenkins Drive Park Jenkins Drive & Wadey Drive
Jolly Park South of Jolly Place
Judge Bryant School 2828 Dewdney Avenue East
Rothwell Park Rothwell Crescent & 7 Avenue
Mahon Arena 130 Brotherton Avenue
Milford Park North side of 200 block Cambridge Avenue
Oxford Park Oxford Street & 8th Avenue
Parkland Park South of Rooke Place
Parkridge Park 7 Avenue East (west of Wadey Drive)
Prince of Wales Park Cumberland Rd, east of Sandringham Crescent
Prince William Park End of Winchester Road
Reves Park Harding Street & Harding Street
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys School 2910 East Shooter Drive
St. Mark Park  1800 block Lacon Street (west side)
Sandra Schmirler Tot Lot 3130 East Woodhams Drive
Selinger Park Edinburgh Drive & Milliken Bay
Spruce Meadows Park Tregarva Drive & Goff Place
Stewart Russell School & Park Fisher Street & 7 Avenue East
Turner Park 1500 Block of Bentley Drive
University Park 25 Michener Drive
Varsity Park West of 2600 block Philip Road
Wascana View Park Wascana Circle & Wascana Gate South
Wascana Court Wascana Court & Wascana Court Bay
Wascana View South Wascana Circle & Wascana Gate South
W. F. Ready School 2710 Helmsing Street
Wilfred Hunt School 101 Mayfield Road
Wilfred Walker School 2102 Wagman Drive East
Woodland Grove Park Arbor Grove Drive & Hazel Grove

North Zone

Park/School NameAddress
A.C.T. Park 460 Elphinstone Street (west side)
Al Pickard (Pesticide Free) 343N Pickard Street
Bothwell Park Bothwell Crescent (west of Sturdy Street)
Carey Park Carey Street (west of Yarnton Crescent)
Coronation Park School Robinson Crescent & 4th Avenue North
Dickinson Park (Elmview East) Rodenbush Drive & Brandon Street
Englewood Park Partridge Crescent & Harvest Street
Garuik Park Sangster Boulevard (west of Trifunov Crescent)
Hammerstrom Park Halifax Street & 2nd Avenue North
Imperial School 200 Broad Street
Imperial Park East side of 300 block Rose Street
Lorimer Park Donahue Avenue & Derby Street
McDermid Park Montreal Street & 5th Avenue North
McMurchy Park 250 Garnet Street North
Merlin Park Lawson Street (east of Merlin Crescent)
M. J. Coldwell School & Park 103 Fairview Road
Ruth Pawson School & Park 40 Weekes Crescent
St. Gregory School & Park 302 Upland Drive
Regent Pool Park 560 Elphinstone Street
Stan Oxelgren Park 126 Sangster Boulevard

West Zone

Park/School NameAddress
A.E. Wilson Park 1010 McCarthy Boulevard (south and west of Brunskill Place)
Arthur Park 200 Block McIntosh Street (east back lane) 
Bastedo Park Bastedo Crescent & Kendrick Place
Benson Playground Connaught Street & 8th Avenue
Brinkworth Park York Street & 13th Avenue
Button Park South lane of 5900 block Sherwood Drive 
Carlton Park Carlton Street & 8th Avenue
Coventry Park 5th Avenue & Coventry Road
Dalgliesh Park Dalgliesh Drive (south side) west of Wells Street
Dieppe School 1 45 Dorothy Street
Elsie Mironuck Park 18 Wakefield Crescent
Ewart Park Devonshire Drive (east of Ewart Place)
French Park McIntosh Street North & Price Crescent
H. Janzen School 222 Rink Avenue
Hampshire Park Heffernan Drive (east of Hampshire Place)
Hansen Drive Park 542 Hansen Drive
Hind Park Hind Street (south of Bligh Bay)
Hird Park Shattuck Bay (south of Hird Court)
Hastings Park Hastings Crescent (south of Harlton Bay)
Juniper Park Juniper Drive & Stockton Street
Ken Jenkins School & Park 5382 2 Avenue North
Lakeridge Park (south) Harrison Way & Whelan Drive
Lakewood Park Whelan Drive & Radway Street
Litzenberger Park Rink Avenue & Pettingell Street
Mable Brown Park Mikkelson Drive & Dorothy Street
McLurg School 125 Paynter Crescent
McNaughton Park 54 McNaughton Avenue
McNab Park Connaught Street & 12th Avenue
Rick Hansen Optimist Playground West of McCarthy Boulevard
Rochdale Park Playground Rochdale Boulevard & Arnason Street
Rosemont Park Grace Street & 6th Avenue
Ruth Buck Park North of 78 Dempsey Avenue
Theresa Stevenson Park Fahlman Crescent & Helmer Place
Transcona Playground Empress Street & 2nd Avenue
Venture Park Venture Road (east of Doiron Road)
W.H. Ford School 480 Rink Avenue
Walker School 7th Avenue & Campbell Street
Westhill Park Sherwood Drive (west of Doiron Road)
Whelan/Radway Park Empress Street & 2nd Avenue
Williston Park Williston Drive & Minot Drive