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How Does the City Take Action Against Bylaw Violations?

The type of action depends on the bylaw violation. For the most common property violations such as The Community Standards Bylaw (i.e. untidy/unsightly property, graffiti, junked vehicles, overgrown vegetation), the following course of action may be taken:

  1. If the violation is on private property, the officer may issue a written or verbal warning with instructions to resolve the problem. The officer may proceed directly to an Order to Comply (Step 2 below) without issuing a warning, depending on the severity of the problem or in cases of a repeat offence.
  2. If the problem is not resolved following a warning, the officer may issue an Order to Comply giving the owner 15 days to rectify the problem. The period of 15 days is mandated by theCities Act, which provides property owners the right to appeal an Order before the Regina Appeals Board.
  3. If an appeal has not been filed after the 15 day deadline, the officer will conduct a follow-up inspection of the property to determine whether the problem has been resolved. If the problem has not been resolved, City crews or contracted personnel will be hired to perform the work required to remedy the problem. The property owner is subsequently invoiced for the cost of performing the work.

Zoning Bylaw violations

  1. Land use violations (i.e. illegal businesses, front-yard parking, illegal suites, etc.) under the Zoning Bylaw are investigated by the Bylaw Enforcement Branch.
  2. Evidence is gathered by a Bylaw Enforcement Officer and forwarded to a Development Officer in Current Planning, who determines whether a Zoning Order will be issued under the Planning and Development Act.

Noise Bylaw violations

  1. Bylaw Enforcement Officers respond to daytime noise complaints during regular office hours. Noise violations may result in a Request for Prosecution.
  2. Noise complaints after hours are handled by Regina Police Service Communications Centre at 306-777-6500. A police investigation may result in a Summary Offence Ticket Information being issued.