Image of the City of Regina

Infrastructure Investment

The City is investing in its infrastructure to ensure sustainable service delivery now and into the future. Over the next five years, the City is looking to invest over $580 million in its five-year plan to renew our aging infrastructure. In 2018, over $132 million was invested in infrastructure renewal, maintenance and new construction. Investing now to extend the life of our assets will reduce costs over the long term.

Supporting the maintenance and renewal of our assets is a strategic priority for the City.
Historical patterns of deferring the renewal of assets and infrastructure created a backlog of work. The City is continuing to move forward with three major projects and with Regina Police Service headquarters because of the opportunity the purchase of STC head office/terminal presented in 2017.

These facilities will meet current and future needs knowing that Regina is growing and City services are growing with it. Careful planning went into these facilities to ensure efficient, cost-effective service delivery going forward.

Residents can stay current on progress to date by checking back regularly for new information on the major projects in 2019 outlined below.

Funding for infrastructure comes from several sources including money allocated in the budget each year, City reserves, debt financing, fees paid by property developers for new growth and federal/provincial funding. The City actively leverages third party funding from the provincial and federal governments. A good example is the funding for the Transit Fleet Maintenance Facility. The cost for this new repair shop is essentially being split three ways – about $10 million from each level of government – federal, provincial, municipal.