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License Your Cat

Callie The City of Regina‚Äôs Animal Bylaw No. 2009-44 outlines your responsibilities if you own a cat within the city limits. The bylaw ensures you license your pet and helps to reduce the number of stray and nuisance animals in Regina.


Where to purchase a licence

You can purchase your stainless steel cat licence tag at City Hall (2476 Victoria Avenue), the Regina Humane Society  or at your veterinarian clinic.

Cost of a cat licence

The cost of a cat licence is $100 a year but is reduced to $20 a year for:

  • sterilized cats (spayed or neutered)
  • a kitten (under 6 months of age)
  • a show cat (copy of entry form & receipt from cat show's secretary)

A replacement tag costs $5 if you lose your original licence tag.

Fines for unlicensed cats

Failure to purchase a cat licence may result in a fine amount between $150 and $350.


The Animal Licensing Program complies with the City of Regina Privacy Policy.  Your information is shared with the Regina Humane Society to provide animal control services for the City of Regina.  Information is used to confirm animal ownership for reuniting you and your pet as quickly as possible and for bylaw enforcement.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy click here.