Image of the City of Regina

Obtain Your Business Licence

In 2006, Regina City Council approved Licensing Bylaw 2006-86, which repeals the previous bylaw concerning home-based businesses (Bylaw No 9565).

All businesses require a licence from the City of Regina unless:

  • The business is considered a non-profit corporation under provincial jurisdiction.
  • The business operates from a premise which pays commercial or industrial property taxes, with the exception of second-hand dealers, pawn brokers, and coin dealers.

If you are renting the property where a resident business will be operating, written consent from the property owner is required through the Landlord Consent Form.

Once you receive your business licence, you must post it so the licence can be seen by the public. You cannot alter, deface, or reproduce your licence. Your licence is not transferable. You must notify the Business Support Branch, Community Services if you:

The City can revoke your business licence if you contravene any section of Licensing Bylaw 2006-86. The licence can be revoked without a hearing; however, you have the opportunity to appeal this decision to the Regina Appeal Board.