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Traffic Lights

Picture of a traffic light at an intersectionThe purpose of traffic lights (also known as traffic signals) is to establish the right-of-way for motorists approaching a busy intersection.

*If you notice traffic light issues, please contact Service Regina at 306 777-7000.  If it is outside of regular business hours (Mon - Fri 8 a.m.- 4:45 p.m.) please leave a voice mail or if it is an emergency stay on the line for directions on 24 hour reporting to Emergency Services*


Benefits of traffic lights

The green, amber and red lights at an intersection — along with any turning arrows — can improve the safety and efficiency of traffic through that intersection. These signals at intersections can also reduce certain types of accidents, especially right-turn collisions.

Concerns with traffic lights

A traffic light at the wrong location can create significant disruption to traffic flow, which in turn, may cause an increase in rear-end collisions and exhaust from idling vehicles.

To prevent these situations, the City of Regina monitors and carefully analyzes traffic patterns at intersections before recommending whether or not a traffic signal should be installed.

Specialized traffic signals - Green turning arrows

Green turning arrows at an intersection ONLY operate when there is a need, like in the situations listed below:

  • when there is a large number of vehicles making left-hand turns at an intersection during rush-hour
  • when traffic coming in the opposite direction is so heavy that vehicles cannot make the left-hand turn in 2 or 3 cycles during rush hour or in 1 or 2 cycles after rush-hour
  • to increase safety at an intersection that has a high accident rate between left-turning vehicles and oncoming vehicles

Double turns are only permitted in intersections where the signs and/or pavement markings indicate that it is allowed for that intersection.

To recommend a green turning arrow at an intersection with a traffic situation described above:

  1. Note the location of the intersection, along with time of day you feel a green turning arrow would be beneficial and in what direction (northbound, southbound, eastbound, westbound)
  2. Provide this information to the City using the City's online Contact Us form. You will also have to provide personal contact information, so the City can contact you if they require further information.

The City of Regina will investigate all recommendations, and if the situation warrants it, will reprogram the traffic signal to active the green turning arrows during the desired time period/day(s).