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Careless Cooking

Most careless cooking fires occur when people leave the kitchen, often to do something as simple as answer the phone.  It is a common belief that a pot could never catch on fire so quickly. The reality, however, is much different.  A cooking fire can start in as little as two minutes.  That same person who left the kitchen – for only a few moments to answer the phone  – returns to a kitchen with the cupboards engulfed in flame.

Tips on Preventing a Cooking Fire

For Parents

  • Never leave the kitchen when cooking
  • If you must leave the kitchen when cooking always turn the burner(s) off first – even if you think you’ll be away for only a minute
  • Place all appliance cords up on the counter and not dangling
  • Place pot handles in when cooking
  • Cook with a large lid handy
  • Keep all items like towels and pot holders away from the stovetop

For Young Children

  • Don’t play near the stove when a grownup is cooking
  • Never pull appliance cords

For Older Children

  • Don’t cook – make sandwiches or other food items not needing the stove, or use the microwave instead
  • Be sure you never use tinfoil or put utensils like knives or forks into the microwave