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The City provides brown garbage cart collection to approximately 65,000 single-family homes.

Follow these four easy steps to properly use your collection carts.

Damaged or missing carts?

If your cart gets damaged or goes missing, contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000 or submit an online request form for repair or replacement.


Biweekly Garbage Collection

On June 25, 2018, City Council approved an annual biweekly curbside garbage collection schedule from the start of November to the end of March, with a return to a weekly schedule for a three-week period extending from the end of December to the beginning of January.

The City of Regina would like to thank all residents for your feedback on our biweekly garbage collection pilot. And what a response – more than 12,780 residents filled out the online survey. That’s the most respondents ever for a City of Regina survey! The survey results helped shape the recommendations for biweekly garbage collection.

What are the benefits of moving to winter biweekly garbage collection?

  • Right-sizes the service to meet the reduced winter volume of garbage for the majority of residents.
  • Provides a more inclusive service to residents by providing additional collection options.
  • Residents are already familiar with biweekly collection and have adapted to the reduced collection frequency.
  • Provides those operating home-based businesses from their residence, additional waste disposal capacity.
  • Encourages behaviour change by motivating residents to reduce waste by charging for additional garbage capacity.

How will winter biweekly garbage collection work?

  • Residents who receive weekly curbside garbage collection will move to every other week collection service from November to March inclusively.
  • Garbage collection days will not change, but due to altering routes, cart pick-up times could change.
  • With the continuation of biweekly garbage collection, residents who require an additional garbage cart may request one from the City and pay an annual fee for the additional cart which will be billed on their utility bill. The annual fee will be either: $156.95 per year ($0.43 per day) for a 360- litre cart or $116.80 per year ($0.32 per day) for a 240-litre cart.


Collection Schedule

Sign up for collection day reminders! Type your address into the search box to get a reminder or view your personalized collection calendar. Use the Waste Wizard tool to find out how to properly dispose of your household waste.