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Proposed Outdoor Aquatic Facility

Recreation is a priority and, as the Recreation Master Plan outlines, a need for future investment is clear. Regina outdoor pools are a hub of neighourhood activity during the summer months.

The City is beginning work to design and build a new outdoor aquatic facility as part of the rebuild of Wascana Pool. We will actively engage with residents on the design of a facility that better meets the needs of Regina residents. This project is the first major investment in a new aquatic facility since the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre was built in 1990, almost 30 years ago.

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The City currently has five outdoor pools that were built between 1946 and 1962. The average life span of a pool is 30 to 40 years. Maple Leaf Pool is 72 years old and Wascana Pool is 71 years old.

Outdoor pools provide sport, recreation, fitness and learn-to-swim opportunities for the public. A new outdoor aquatic facility emerged as a priority through the research and public consultation undertaken during the development of the City's Recreation Master Plan.


Proposed Timeline


  • Extensive community engagement begins early in the new year on the design of a new outdoor aquatic facility for the rebuild of Wascana Pool
  • Maple Leaf Pool located in the Heritage Neighbourhood reaches end of its useful life
  • Design of new Maple Leaf Pool begins
  • Program funds spent at Maple Leaf Pool are redirected to additional summer recreation programs developed in consultation with the Heritage Community Association


  • Construction of new outdoor aquatic facility on Wascana Pool site begins
  • Rebuild Maple Leaf Pool


  • Potential opening of new aquatic facility mid-season


The Wascana Pool site has reached the end of its useful life and has been identified as the location for the new facility which will be developed in consultation with the community. The Wascana Park Master Plan references culture and recreation as part of the Park vision. A new outdoor aquatic facility on an expanded footprint is consistent with the vision and the Master Plan. The facility could include elements that would support activities such as lane swimming, diving, water play, water sliding and lounging/picnicking.


What are the benefits to opening an outdoor aquatic facility?

A new facility will better meet residents’ needs and participation will increase once the new facility is built. This has occurred in other western Canadian cities where new, more modern outdoor aquatic centres are built. These facilities provide recreation elements such as zero depth entry, water slides, spray toys, lap swimming and diving and appeal to a broader range of residents.

What is the participation rate of the outdoor pools?

Participation in Regina’s outdoor pools is low relative to capacity.

Although Regina has more outdoor pools on a per capita basis than other Western Canadian cities (see table below), they are all underutilized, outdated in design, have limited support features and do not provide the contemporary experience that residents have enjoyed when visiting other municipalities of Regina’s size.

PoolYear ConstructedCapacityAverage Daily
Attendance (2017)
Wascana 1947 915 273
Massey 1964 710 426
Regent 1962 710 248
Dewdney 1946 250 123
Maple Leaf 1946 250 134

How does Regina’s pool capacity compare to other municipalities?

Regina has more outdoor pool on a per capita basis compared to other western Canadian cities.

MunicipalityProvision RatioNumber of Outdoor Pools
Regina (currently 9 lanes) 1/43,021 5
Saskatoon 1/58,306 4
Winnipeg 1/70,522 5 heated, 5 unheated
Lethbridge 1/46,365 2
Red Deer 1/100,418 1
Edmonton 1/186,506 5

Why can't the City repair Maple Leaf and Wascana Pools?
Engineering experts have confirmed that, due to age and condition, the two outdoor pools have reached the end of their useful life. Maple Leaf Pool cannot safely be opened in 2019 and Wascana Pool will not be able to open beyond the 2019 season. The deficiencies at these facilities are beyond simple maintenance and repair and include major structural, mechanical and electrical systems as well as accessibility and building code requirements.

Are there any plans for the Maple Leaf Pool site?

Maple Leaf Pool will be rebuilt with the intention of opening in 2020, depending on construction. 

Why was the Wascana Pool site recommended for the proposed destination facility?

The Wascana Park Master Plan and the approved vision for the park include recreation.

Central Location: Wascana Pool is centrally located in Regina and is easily accessible.

Environment: Wascana Pool is situated in Wascana Park, where people love to swim. Public consultation has revealed that many customers spend a full day in Wascana Park, with the pool being one of many amenities that they access throughout the day.

Available Space: Wascana Pool is Regina’s largest pool, with room to expand.