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Outdoor Rinks

The City of Regina maintains 55 outdoor ice rinks at 39 sites. The outdoor ice season is weather dependent and typically runs from mid December to mid February.

The following outdoor ice sites are available for public use on a first-come, first-serve basis, unless previously reserved for a community or private use. Helmets are highly recommended for all skaters.

Please note that all outdoor rinks are subject to weather conditions. Skaters are asked to use their judgment when using the outdoor rinks and not to skate on them if the surface is wet. Rinks in bold text are Outdoor Hockey League sites and are typically maintained into March to accommodate their season.

Please Note: Most rinks except for Hind Park and Williston Park have shelters. Push-button activated lights are available at the rinks except for Williston Park.

*Indicates shelters that are supervised by a community association. Keys will not be issued by Central Scheduling for these locations. For more information, please email Central Scheduling at 

Status Last Updated: Jan. 22, 2019

Rink NameAddressBoarded/Non-BoardedStatus
West Zone   
Dieppe School 145 Dorothy St Non-Boarded Open
Sherwood Park (Elsie Mironuck School) 20 Wakefield Cres Boarded Open
Fuhrmann Park 170 Fuhrmann Cres Non-Boarded Open
Hind Park 20 Hind Street Non-Boarded Open
Litzenberger Park 100 Rink Ave Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
Mable Brown Park 255 Mikkelson Dr Non-Boarded Open
McLurg School Park 201 Fulton Dr Non-Boarded Open
*McNab Park 4802 11th Ave Non-Boarded Open
Rochdale Park (NWLC) 1127 North Arnason St Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
*Rosemont School Park 5310 4th Ave Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
*Ruth M. Buck Park 6310 7th Ave N Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
St. Francis Park 6015 Mikkelson Dr Non-Boarded Open
Joanne Goulet (Westhill) 8113 Kestral Dr Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
Williston Park 30 Williston Dr Non-Boarded Open
Central Zone   
*Crescent Park (Dixon Cres) 1109 E 14th Ave Non-Boarded Open
*Eastview Park 500 4th Ave Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
*Gocki Park (Al Ritchie) 2230 Lindsay St Boarded Open
Grassick Playground 901 Garnet St Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
*Leslie Park 3700 Victoria Ave Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
Victoria Park/ Plaza 2190 Victoria Ave Non-Boarded Open
South Zone   
*Assiniboine Park 3355 Robinson St Non-Boarded Open
Dr. A.E. Perry Park 40 Cowie Rd Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
*Elsie Dorsey School 4199 Castle Rd Non-Boarded Open
Fairchild Park 5350 Aerodrome Rd Boarded Open
*Lakeview Park 2910 Athol St Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
*McVeety Park 1851 Jubilee Ave Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
*Mike Badham Park 2606 Grant Rd Boarded Open
East Zone   
Dr. Ferguson Park 129 Brotherton Ave Non-Boarded Open
Glen Elm Park 1601 Bond St Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
Glencairn Park (Judge Bryant School) 2626 E Dewdney Ave Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
*University Park 165 Windfield Rd Boarded Open
*Wilfred Walker Park 1901 Laurier Crescent Non-Boarded Open
*W.F. Ready Park 2170 Helmsing St Boarded Open
North Zone   
Stan Oxelgren Memorial Park 126 Sangster Blvd Boarded Open
    Non-Boarded Open
Queens Park (Coronation Park School) 2925 4th Ave N Non-Boarded Open
*Imperial School 305 Rose St Boarded Open
*McDermid Park 139 Toronto St Non-Boarded Open
McMurchy Park 250 N Garnet St Boarded Open
M.J. Coldwell Park 115 Fairview Rd Boarded Open

Speed Skating Oval (located in Mount Pleasant Sports Park)

Lights are only accessible during Regina Speed Skating Club practices.

No hockey sticks or figure skates.
Helmets are highly recommended for all skaters.

Outdoor Shinny Sites

Site use is on a first-come, first-served basis. The lights are pushbutton activated and maintenance is the responsibility of the user group.

Sheldon Williams 2601 Coronation Street
LeBoldus High School 2330 25th Avenue
Varsity Park 2635 East Phillips Road
Al Ritchie Arena 2201 Edgar Street
Mahon Arena 130 Brotherton Avenue
 Mount Pleasant Park  Winnipeg Street North & 9th Avenue