Image of the City of Regina

City of Regina Landfill


The City of Regina’s Landfill is located on Fleet Street, north of McDonald Street in the city’s northeast quadrant.

 Spring/Summer Hours – Effective April 1

  • Open seven days a week, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Entry gates close at 6:45 p.m. to allow vehicles to dispose of loads and exit by closing time. 
  • Closed: Good Friday

Acceptable Materials and Applicable Fees

The Landfill accepts a range of materials, including commercial and resident waste, some special wastes (with appropriate permits), soil materials from excavations and recoverable materials such as concrete, asphalt and appliances. Below is a table of the applicable landfill fees. The Landfill accepts cash, debit, Visa and Mastercard. All commercial customers disposing of waste must follow the Landfill Tipping Area policy.

Please ensure the garbage you are taking to the Landfill is properly secured and tarped, or you may be fined $50 according to The Clean Property Bylaw.

Large volume customers may qualify for a charge account. Users will need to complete the Landfill Site Use Application form and Application for Credit. If credit is approved, customers receive monthly invoices showing site usage. Credit terms are detailed on the application. Application for credit does not guarantee credit approval.

Item/MaterialsRequires Special Waste PermitQuality Requirements2018 Costs
Animal Carcass Yes This is for individual large animals. The Landfill does not accept slaughterhouse remains. $50 to $250 surcharge per load plus tonnage rate of $85 per tonne
Asbestos Yes More information on asbestos. $350/load + $85 per tonne
Asphalt (clean) No No garbage. Less than 20 per cent clay, dirt and gravel. Loads mixed with garbage will be charged $85 per tonne. No charge
Concrete (clean) No

No garbage. No detached rebar/steel. Less than 20 per cent clay, dirt and gravel. Reinforcing steel maximum 38 millimetre diameter (1.5 inches). Exposed reinforcing steel less than 600 millimetre (2 feet). Any size slabs with maximum 600 millimetre (2 feet) beam thickness.

No charge
Crushed granite No Pieces must be no larger than 12 inches x 12 inches (1 foot x 1 foot). Any loads with large pieces will be charged $85 per tonne No charge
Dirt (clean fill) No No foreign material. Lumps less than 600 millimetre (2 feet) in size. Sod less than 150 millimetre (6 inches) in size up to 5 per cent of the load. No charge
Dirt (potentially contaminated) Yes Dirt from contaminated or potentially contaminated sites. Or dirt that has been identified to have characteristics of contamination. If accepted, no charge
Requires permit and analytical before being brought to the landfill.
Materials requiring special handling* No Acceptable materials include cables, frost/chain link fencing, loose dust, grain, commercial vacuum vehicles, coke dust, bulky waste and other materials as determined by the Manager of Landfill Operations. $50 to $250 surcharge per load plus tonnage rate of $85 per tonne
For the above contact 306-777-7000 to speak with the Landfill to determine acceptance and disposal times
Other materials requiring special waste permit Yes Noxious loads, inoculated grain, materials that may contain hazardous waste and other materials deemed as special waste. These loads may require analytical and/or Safety Data Sheets be submitted before approval. $50 to $250 surcharge per load plus tonnage rate of $85 per tonne
Refrigerant removal No Ex. refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and water coolers. $10 refrigerant removal fee, unless proof is provided that a qualified professional has already removed the refrigerant. This service is available only to residential loads. Commercial quantities of refrigerant containing items will not be accepted. Large commercial appliances (e.g. industrial sized freezers) will not be accepted. $10 per item + standard waste rate
Shingles No Acceptable waste material. $85 per tonne
Standard Waste (municipal garbage and rubble) No Small Load Rate: Vehicles with 200 kg or less of standard waste $10 per load
Vehicles over 200 kg of standard waste calculated at $85/tonne $85 per tonne (prorated)
Wet loads No Liquids or water not accepted Not accepted