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Water & Sewer

2019 Utility Budget – Delivering a safe, reliable water system

The Utility provides water, wastewater and drainage services to customers primarily in Regina. It is a user-pay system and operates on full cost-recovery basis.

The Utility Fund 2019 Operating Budget includes a 3% rate increase, effective January 1 each year for the next three years. For the typical household this means a monthly increase of $4.14 in 2019, and a similar amount in each of the next two years. This three-year rate model supports a financially stable water utility and allows customers to plan for future costs.

The projected revenue for 2019 is $139 million, an overall revenue increase of 4.7%. The capital investment is $58.5 million for infrastructure renewal such as upgrades and replacements of underground pipes, water mains, service connections and storm drainage sewers and channels.

2019 Utility Budget (see p. 99)