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Rain, snow melt water and runoff enter the storm sewer pipes by flowing into approximately 22,000 catch basins, which are located along the sides of streets. The storm sewers flow into storm channels, ultimately emptying into Wascana Creek. Check the Catch Basin map to find the ones in your neighbourhood.

We have action plans in place should the spring melt cause excess runoff in our community.

Flood Protection

The City has helped and continues to help reduce flooding in known problem areas throughout our community. Detention and retention ponds, as well as dikes and berms, direct as much storm runoff as possible away from roads and sewers. In this way, dikes and berms act as barriers to help keep the water away, helping to prevent flooding in basements of homes and businesses. Stormwater ponds, on the other hand, contain water until the storm sewer system is able to handle it.

  • Detention (Dry) Ponds - A detention pond, such as Mike Badham Park next to Grant Road School, is like a big bowl (green space with a depression) with a flat bottom that fills up only during intense rainfalls. Once the rain is over, the water in the detention pond is either pumped away or allowed to drain by gravity so it becomes a dry green space again.
  • Retention (Wet) Ponds A retention pond, such as the Lakewood Park across from the MacNeill Elementary School, always contains water and has the capacity to handle excess rainwater when necessary. These “wet ponds” maintain a permanent pool of water and are better for the environment as they allow sediment in the water to settle to the bottom.
  • Dikes and Berms – Dikes built along some portions of Wascana Creek protect low-lying areas from a flood event on the creek. Berms built in other areas of the community provide a similar function of flood protection. A dike is a larger engineered barrier whereas a berm is typically a smaller, more natural-looking mound of earth.

Residents are encouraged to guard against flooding in their homes and properties. We offer a number of flood protection tips for homeowners to help you stay dry.

The City has standards and systems in place to address drainage issues in our community through the Long-Range Drainage Master Plan.