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Low-Flow Water Devices

Save water and save money by installing the following low-flow water devices around your home:


  • Replace old shower heads with a low-flow shower head (less than 9 litres a minute).
  • Install faucet aerators on your bathroom taps.
  • Replace old toilets with new low-flow or ultra-low flow toilets (6 litres per flush or less).


  • Replace old dishwashers with ENERGY-STAR dishwashers that conserve water.
  • Install faucet aerators on your kitchen taps.

Laundry room

  • Replace old washers with front-loading ENERGY-STAR washers that conserve water.
  • Install faucet aerators on your laundry tub taps.


  • Use drip-line irrigation to water trees and shrubs instead of watering by hose.
  • Choose sprinklers that water using large drops instead of a fine spray or mist.
  • Catch rainwater using a rain barrel or other rainwater harvesting system that can be used to water outdoor plants.