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Water Meters

Treated water travels through water mains, the underground pipes in your yard and enters your home, usually through the basement. All buildings are equipped with a water meter to measure water use. Learn about Installing Water Meters in New Buildings.

The water meter has a radio transmitter which allows us to read your water meter without entering your home. The meters are more accurate and ensure you are billed on actual, not estimated, water consumption.

The radio transmitter does not interfere with other radio transmissions such as garage door openers, pacemakers, baby monitors, cell phones, cordless phones, or any other communication devices. The transmitter works in this fashion:

  • The radio transmitter is in the "sleep" mode most of the time, waiting for a meter reader to approach.
  • Meter readers drive a vehicle equipped with a data collector unit which sends out a "wake up" signal.
  • When the transmitter receives the signal, it wakes up, determines what the water meter reading is, and sends this reading along with its identification number back to the data collector unit.
  • Once the meter reading has been successfully transmitted, the transmitter goes back to its "sleep" mode.
  • The information is downloaded at the end of the day and used to calculate your next utility bill.