Image of the City of Regina

Regina's Vision

Our vision is to be Canada's most vibrant, inclusive, attractive, sustainable community, where people live in harmony and thrive in opportunity.

The key elements of the vision are:

  • Vibrant: Young people and creative spirits are inspiring dynamic neighbourhoods and an exciting downtown, all of which feature first-rate facilities for health, wellness and artistic expression.
  • Inclusive: Our community welcomes people. We live the values of respect and trust and celebrate the strength that comes from our diversity.
  • Attractive: Residents and visitors choose Regina because it’s clean, green, lively, friendly, affordable and fun!
  • Sustainable: People forge a balance between the economic, social, environmental and cultural dimensions of their decisions by serving as stewards of the resources we share and by demonstrating leadership.
  • Harmony: Empathy and understanding come from, and lead to, being safe in our homes and neighbourhoods; building strong social networks throughout the community creates synergy and sense of belonging.
  • Opportunity: The entrepreneurial spirit powers Regina as a centre of success where research, innovation and excellence abound.