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Lead Service Connections

A service connection is the water pipe that connects the water main on your street/alley to the piping inside of your home. A lead service connection is one made out of lead material.

Lead is a naturally-occurring metal that is harmful if inhaled or swallowed and can be found in air, soil, dust, food and water. Regina’s water supply from Buffalo Pound and the water in the City’s water mains is safe. Typically, lead in treated drinking water comes from contact with service connections containing lead or lead in the household plumbing systems, such as lead solder or brass plumbing fixtures.

Prior to 1960, lead was a common plumbing material in municipalities right across the country. Since it became clear that lead was unsafe to use, we have proactively replaced City-owned lead service connections when major roadway or sewer work is being done in the area. This process helps to save time and money as it reduces the number of times we need to work on that stretch of road.

We do not have records of private-side lead service connections. To help us better understand what is in place, we are collecting data through a tap water testing study. Residents who homes qualify, can sign up for one of two testing programs.