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Understand Your Utility Bill

The City of Regina's water and sewer budget operates on a full cost-recovery, user-pay basis. Utility rates fund investment in the safe operations of our water and sewer system.

In order to maintain and improve our utility infrastructure, all customers pay a daily base charge for water, sewer and drainage, plus a charge for actual consumption. The daily base charge for water and sewer is dependent on the size of the meter installed in the home. For a standard residential home with a 5/8 or 3/4 inch meter, your 2019 daily base rates would be as follows:

  • $0.83 per day for Water
  • $0.64 per day for Sewer
  • $0.55 per day for Drainage

Your utility bill or statement contains information to explain how your bill is calculated. Click bill image to enlarge:

  1. Your utility account number (required for online payments), name, service address, bill issue date and billing cycle.
  2. Various options to contact us regarding your utility account.
  3. Account Summary information including your balance forward, payments received, new charges, and total due.
  4. Important messages concerning your account.  Please take a moment to read this section of each bill.
  5. A detailed explanation of your charges for the current billing period. For further explanation about the calculations used to establish your water and sewer charges, please refer to the back of your utility bill.
  6. Further details about the water service, including service number, water meter number, meter size, reading type, previous and present readings, days of service, and total consumption per metered service.
  7. Your mailing address. Please contact us for any updates to your address.