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Planning Your City

Design Regina: The Official Community Plan

The City of Regina is responsible for guiding future growth and change through Design Regina: The Official Community Plan and regulating development through the Regina Zoning Bylaw and the Subdivision BylawDesign Regina is a comprehensive policy framework to guide the physical, environmental, economic, social and cultural development of the city. The goals and policies in Design Regina aim to create a sustainable city where social, environmental and economic concerns are addressed.
Design Regina has two parts. Part A is a citywide policy plan and Part B is a collection of Secondary Plans for specific areas of the city. Secondary Plans for residential neighbourhoods are called Neighbourhood Plans.

Transportation Master Plan (TMP)

The City’s TMP is a comprehensive plan guiding all future transportation planning and investment in Regina over the next 25 years. The TMP is a long term multi-modal plan that directs investment not only in roadway infrastructure for vehicles but also in transit and active modes such as walking and cycling.


Planning for Growth

Design Regina seeks to ensure that growth is orderly and controlled, and that neighbourhoods as well as the city's corridors and centres are strengthened. Regina's Growth Plan Map shows where growth is planned, including new and infill development. The growth of our city is important to accommodate a projected population of 300,000. 

The City of Regina monitors growth and development to help inform policy and planning decisions. View yearly development updates within new residential neighbourhoods:

To accommodate long-term growth, it is sometimes necessary for the City of Regina to expand its municipal boundaries through a process of annexation. The most recent boundary alteration was approved by the Province of Saskatchewan and came into effect June 1, 2018. This Historic Boundary Alteration Map shows how Regina has expanded over time.